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Friday, May 6, 2011

Inauguration of Kota Batu Square

After several months of long wait, finally the square Batu on May 2, which then officially opened by Kota Batu regional Head, Mr. Edi Rumpoko. Atmosphere, structure, concepts, and function completely different from the previous square. If the first square is just a place to sit back with your family, then the square which today offers something "more"than its predecessor. The square is really a means of relaxation and entertainment for people of stones. That said, the new plaza is more like a recreational park than just a round the park with some seating inside as it is generally a square.

kota batu square
The statue of the iconic apple Batu, placed exactly in the middle of the plaza with a pool of water around it, and if used only a single apple sculpture, now is a series of four neatly arranged apples. Water fountains and pools of fresh water flowing and decorated by multicolored lights dominate most part of this square. If it had only one water fountain in the middle of town, now there are four fountains placed at the corners of the park, coupled with the "water cannons" as a means to play for the kids. Of course these children struck by a blast of water dripping from the floor.
alun-alun kota batu
In this new park now there are also the lanterns with the shape of animals, flowers, and fruits. Simply beautiful at night. For those of you who've never visited the BNS (Batu Night Spectacular) lanterns such as these certainly are not strangers anymore because the BNS shape is more varied and more numerous.

alun-alun kota batu
For the toilet, if the general shape of the building of a toilet in the form of build-shaped box with a white color that is not interesting, then this park giant apple-shaped toilet, so we feel like is being entered into the apples. As for the administrative office of a giant strawberry shaped park located adjacent to the toilet-shaped apple.
alun-alun kota batu
But the allure of the new plaza is actually there is Ferrys Wheel which is quite high in the south of the park. According to a source, to ride this carousel of society will be charged a fee of three thousand dollars. Certainly a very affordable price for all levels of society.

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  1. Kota Batu? Where is it? Seems like in Malang, 'coz the Apple icon :D

  2. Kota Batu is separate city from Kabupaten Malang. Located between Arjuno and Panderman Mountain :)