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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Takanashi Yasuharu

Takanashi Yasuharu
Takanashi Yasuharu (高梨康治, Yasuharu Takanashi) is a Japanese composer. He has compiled a lot of soundtrack to Japanese anime, among which are: Jigoku Shoujo, Naruto Shippūden:
The Movie and television series Toward the Terra.

After graduating from his studies of music in Tokyo, Yasuharu Takanashi is part of JDK band as keyboardist. With leaders, Tomohiko Kishimoto, who is responsible for the composition, synthesizers and lyrics, drums and guitar Tamamura Fuyuki Junichiro Matsukawa,

Masanori Kusakabe, Hiroyuki Komagata and Kazuhide Shirota. Like four guitarists are not very common in heavy metal bands such as Band JDK may have been part of the band on. Along with the rest of the band and singers from Tomohiko Kishimoto, also Saikawa Rumi, Yayoi and Nagaori Yuka Yamashita, the latter two are also related to the lyrics. JDK band has its peak between 1991 and 1996, from which it appears that no longer exists.

Takanashi Yasuharu  influence of Heavy Metal still see some theme music on the soundtrack of the Jigoku Shoujo, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, and also that Terra had.

Takanashi Yasuharu  is Composer able to masterfully combine classical instruments with traditional Japanese Europe, imposing their own style and with clear echoes of their country.

Takanashi Yasuharu  is a versatile artist, showed his class and talent in that aspect, because it adjusts well to the genre of anime that he is calm. While the soundtrack Jigoku Shoujo is a strong component of traditional Japanese music was perfect for my Terra science fiction.

The influence of other musical styles in his work. Isolated pieces of their repertoire close to the aesthetics of the Hard Rock or Heavy Metal

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