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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Create a Mobile / Hand Phone blog version

At this time the proliferation of mobile phone devices who are relatively more affordable Internet access via gadgets make it rise sharply. Detected from this site visit, user opera mini to be ranked second after firefox users. (I use google analitic).

And in recent time, I began to try to reduce the content who can incriminate visitors when accessing this site. By reducing the number of ads that cann't produce a lot and also move some widgets on the new page, now finally this site can be accessed by tiny data transfers and a half than usual.

Access using operamini with 73 KB of data transfer

There's also a tool who can be utilized for free to make our blog in the mobile phone version. But because it is free, then we use the new domain address like this blog is in

Access this blog at only 2KB

Access mofuse post with only 4 KB

How to make it pretty easy, just list the after that who you need to prepare the rss feeds from your blog. how to make at here (sebenarnya sudah ada). And we just select the domain address of the blog version of our mobile phones.

There are actually known by the name of the service who provided instant mobilizer we buy first dotmobi TLD, as in means we buy the domain. mobi, but for now I have not managed to use it because of problems TLD. Yet as shown in the picture below, this blog could use instant mobilizer. Actually I also looking for a script that can be placed above the templates who can detect the visitors who access our site, and if it is using the mobile device shown minimal template.

Use instant mobilizer

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