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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Batu De Kleine Switzerland

The name of Batu will directly come to your mind when you think about apples, cool air, and excellent scenery. Those icons make Batu differ from other country in Indonesia. Geographically, Batu is located in East Java, for about 19 Km in the west of Malang. It is placed on 680 – 1700 meters above the sea level, and its temperature is 15o-19o Celsius. It takes 2 hours drive from Surabaya.

Kota Wisata Batu
Dutchmen call Batu as De Klein Switzerland (the Small Switzerland in Java). They love to visit it when they miss Swiss, the most beautiful city in the world. However, Batu lacks of snow.

There are many things you can find in this city. You can take your children to Jatim Park when you want to accompany them to enjoy their holiday while doing fun-learning. After visiting Jatim Park, you can continue your trip to Selecta. It provides play ground, swimming pool, water cycling, and ecotourism of pine forest.

Satisfied exploring those two interesting places, you need to refresh yourself. No need to be confused, Batu provides many kinds of accommodations starting from villa until four-star hotel with a reasonable rate. Don’t forget to spend your night in Payung while drinking hot coffee and roasted corn. Before going to Payung, you can take your family to explore a unique amusement facilities in Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) such as Lampion garden and challenging facilities. Also, you can enjoy the fantastic view of Batu at night from the high land.

After satisfied travelling around the city, you can continue your vacation to urban area to enjoy the cool breeze of mountain atmosphere. They are Songgoriti and Cangar Hot Spring Water, Coban Talun and Coban Rais waterfalls. There are also historical tourisms that you can visit, such as Renggo temple. Ganesha Statue, and archaeological sites in Junggo. If you want extreme activities, you can do hiking in Panderman, Banyak, and Arjuno Mountains.

It is easy to get to Batu. You can take both land transportation and air transportation, such as train, bus, airplane, and vehicles. If you take public transportation, bus for instance, you will end your trip in Arjosari, or Gadang stations. Next, to go to Batu you have to take taxi or public transportation. There are many kinds of public transportation in Malang based on the destination. You have to choose the one that will go to Landungsari station, for example AL-Arjosari Landungsari, GL-Gadang Landungsari, LG, GML, ADL, etc. After that, you can take other public transportation to get to Batu or take a bus. If your bus is from Kediri area, you don’t need to end in Landungsari station. You can directly go to your destination in Batu.

It is the same when you take a train. You have to end in Malang railway station and take a taxi or a public transportation, such as AL, ADL. If you are travelling by plane, from Abdulrahman Saleh airport, your choice is just taking a taxi to get to Batu. Arriving in Batu, you can directly choose your destination as the sign and map of tourism destinations are available on every corner of Batu area. Another choice is you can call Batu Tourism Center to have more information. Also, you can ask for a guide to accompany you exploring Batu.

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