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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

Are you loyal users of Google chrome browser? Are you just annoyed by the ads that are not important like porn ads, which can damage the morale of your child's use of the Internet. If your problems is that, now present the solution to your problem.

Now has come Adblock Plus for Google Chrome, when first we only knew that for the Firefox browser, Adblock Plus now also been present for Google Chrome is much faster to browse your favorite sites. And you will avoid the ads that are not necessary for your life.

2 coment:

  1. Salam persohiblogan
    Baru update dan BW lagi nih daku

    Terus berbagi :)

  2. Salam mas Achoey, q juga jarang BW nih, sok sibuk aq, he6