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Friday, April 22, 2011

How Share Google Docs

As we know, Google docs is one of google services are enough to help us in working on multiple documents. As has been exploited by the official site d3tkjumm who utilize the services google doc for the registration and announcement of registration itself.

The need for real-time information have been greatly assisted by the existence of this google doc. The existence of mode in google doc form the results of the form can be displayed in a spreadsheet. Sample forms and spreadsheets result is as below.

results will appear below

How do I share google docs especially spreadshetnya safely? On google spreadshet upper right and select the share sharing settings
And in the sharing settings select public on the web and "do not check" allow everyone to edit for the document can only be in view (see) without being able to be edited by the public. But it can be edited (filled) by the form of course.

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