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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marketing problem

Marketing is the process of formulating integrated communications that aims to provide information about goods or services in connection with satisfying human needs and desires.

Marketing begins with the fulfillment of human needs which then grow into human desire. For example, a human being needs water to meet the needs of her thirst. If there is a thirst for a glass of water then the need will be met. But man does not just want to meet her needs but also wants to fulfill her desire is for example a glass of water that Aqua Net brands and portability.
So this man chose Aqua bottles that suit their needs in accordance with the thirst and desire that is also easy to carry.

For marketing consultancy, we can do it online. By simply using a computer and Internet network, we can do an online marketing consulting with ease. We can do Online marketing consulting by and the site is expected you can do with easy online marketing consultating.

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