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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Create Mobile version of Joomla 1.0

Mobile devices or mobile phones nowadays more and more owned by the public because certain price more affordable with features that increasingly inadequate. Such as mobile phones alone is worth ten's dollar can be used to access the Internet.

So that will more and more people who access our site with cell phone, except for special needs. But use of mobile devices would be quite detrimental to our visitors to the site whenever we have who file large enough to be displayed, because our system who charged the pulse of data downloaded / loaded by our phone.

At this time the tips I will share the experience for the mobilization joomla 1.0 version to make it more compatible with the phone. Here are examples of access before using these devices.

From the picture above can be seen opera mini load on our mobile web SMP Darush Sholihin with 29KB of data, is still relatively smaller than on this blog who at 73KB.
But already there is a solution here ^_^

Views on the phone are not much different from the display on the PC such as the following picture

By using pda mamboot and pda template which run on Joomla 1.0, we install them in place (this file at mamboot) and(this file at template) then we switch like the picture below.

Once completed, we are trying to access the site joomla 1.0 version via phone / HP and the results were as follows
Are felt at all, use pda mamboot and pda template will alleviate our site visitors who use their mobile phones. In the view above indicated that the site is loaded with data only for 9 KB who means only half data on without using pda mamboot and pda template

Hopefully these tips useful for the developers site so our visitors who are not content to spend harmed by credit / cost for them to access our site. Tips will further discuss how to create joomla site version 1.5 to be compatible with your phone / mobile phone

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