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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twitter vs Facebook (Google indexing twitter)

Twitter and Facebook are a bit different but has some similarities, the similarity is that both can also be used as social networking (social networks) that can link individuals who exist on this earth. It's just that Facebook actually more similar to Friendster, more who were classified as social networking. Facebook's success than Friendster because their brand.

Friendster impressed only be used by young children just to make friends and dating, in contrast with facebook who is more impressed as a "face book" or diary for its users so as not limited to youth but also for adults, so do not be surprised if facebook has a larger market share and success.

While twitter who also has social networking elements (his mark with the system and in follow-follow) is more of a microblogging site, together with such plurk. Some time ago probably not too much different between the twitter facebook, though both are the same.

But these days, goolge the new system gives advantage "relative" is more for users of twitter on facebook (in terms of sharing), because this time google has been able to index our Twitt, so what we write on twitter can be useful for search and everyone, while facebook has not been able to date this article was written. For this, Google has added search categories on the update.

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