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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is public domain?

Public domain (PD), or the public sphere consists of creative works and other knowledge; writing, the arts, music, science, inventions, and others, that no person or an organization has a proprietary interest. (Usually done with a proprietary interest in a copyright or patent.) The work and findings contained in the public domain is considered as part of the cultural heritage of the public, and everyone can use them without restriction (not including the law concerning safety, export, etc.. .)

Copyright is designed to promote the development of art and science to provide assistance (financial) to the creator, the work in the public domain there is only so alone. Public has the right to use it without financial or social burden. When the copyright or other restrictions to reach the end of their lives, the work is returned back into the public domain.

Meanwhile, another notion of public domain are not the same with copyright law. the which was first established in Britain with the Statute of Anne in 1709. Though the concept did exist and 18th Century British and French jurists Used Such terms as publici juris or propriété publique That works were the resource persons to describe not Covered by copyright law.

Definitions of the boundaries of the public domain in relation to copyright, or intellectual property more generally, regard the public domain as a negative space, that is, it consist of works that are no longer in copyright term or were never protected by copyright law. More subtle definitions of the public domain move beyond those works that no longer receive legal protection under intellectual property law and incorporates all aspects of works which are not covered by the intellectual property doctrine, such as insubstantial parts of a copyrighted work or the statutory defined permitted acts and exceptions to copyright.

There is so much we can do with the public domain (PD). We can discover the The PD Secret for a profit and produce for ourselves. Some sites provide The PD Secret to get profit from it. We also can follow The Forbidden Thread to utilize the public domain So do not hesitate to continue studying the use of public domain Who knows you include people who are lucky to take advantage of the public domain

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